There is an abundance of concerned organizations where we can learn the best practices for sustainable technologies towards sustainable development. Habitat for Humanity is committed to building communities in its advocacy to end poverty. Habitat for Humanity uses a holistic approach that provides not just shelter but child and youth development, health, productivity, community values formation and empowerment, and a green and sustainable environment. Ashoka is an international network of the globe’s leading social entrepreneurs – individuals who are committed to innovate and to be changemakers in response to the most urgent social problems of the world. As such, they are working on issues concerning affordable and sustainable urban housing and are looking for possible national and international solutions and areas of intervention. Ashoka held a competition regarding sustainable urban housing. They challenged concerned individuals to come up with affordable housing solutions for anywhere in the world keeping these in mind: they should be sustainable, safe and transferable. Ashoka has funded the projects that they deemed worthy. One of the projects that they funded was concerned with zero waste, sustainable architecture, and renewable energy. After a strong typhoon hit the Philippines last 2009, My Shelter Foundation, a non-profit organization, was motivated to come up with disaster-resilient and sustainable housing in urban settings. Together with the innovative minds of architects, urban planners, and designers, they aimed to build the first-ever green and disaster-resistant community. They pioneered this project in a distant province and hoped that it could be replicated in other parts of the country. They used plastic bottles as mold then fill them up with silicon as alternative construction materials for housing. They also have another project called A Liter of Light which is an inexpensive way of providing light to the homes of the community members. This is made possible by water refracting the sun’s light and shedding light into the homes’ interiors. All of these endeavors made use of innovations and sustainable technology to achieve their goal. There are many other organizations who are involved in sustainable technology and they give us hope as we anticipate how they can solve the world’s most pressing problems with the help of sustainable technology.